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On the limitations of e-commerce caused by the particularity of waterborne curing agent

Under the influence of China's new economic normal and national policies this year, water-based curing agents are in a downturn. Most of the sellers have changed their previous methods and have chosen to operate conservatively to cut costs in many ways in order to tide over the market difficulties.

Compared with other products, water-based curing agent is not often contacted and used in daily life. It is usually contacted when people decorate their houses. Due to the lack of knowledge and understanding of water-based curing agent, and the information on the Internet is uneven. If only through the online picture display, consumers can not grasp the volume and texture of the product, so there is no way to do it People can't get enough consumption experience online, so they have no way to choose curing agent.

Moreover, the curing agent product has the characteristics of large volume, difficult transportation and easy damage, which makes it difficult to return and exchange and high cost. It is because of the inevitable factors such as logistics or network display problems that consumers will waste a lot of time and energy in the process of purchasing, once the goods have problems.

Later, the sale of water-based curing agent involves painting and maintenance services. In this aspect, there is no way to provide perfect online services, and consumers can't be assured when buying. Therefore, compared with e-commerce, physical stores and experience halls have more advantages.

The above factors are the direct reasons why many consumers do not choose online shopping, which makes the curing agent industry relatively bumpy on the road of e-commerce. In this case, offline experience store is particularly important. Because it can provide a platform for consumers to experience the texture and painting effect of curing agent in physical stores according to their own preferences, * and finally decide whether to buy.

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