Welcome to our site! Corisen provide advanced material in field of polyurethane, polycarbodiimide, blocked polyisocyanate.

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About Us

Corisen Material Science Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specialized in the fields of polyurethane dispersions and waterborne coating additives. Founded by industrial chemists with years of research and manufacturing experiences, Corisen plays a leading role in providing customers with advanced and customized solutions for waterborne resins and chemicals used in coatings, adhesives, ink, leather and textile coatings, and medical supplies. The company has established R&D and manufacturing centers. With the foundation of high-tech research focus and impeccable quality control in manufacturing, Corisen provides products with outstanding quality, as well as reliable customer services. With the spirit of persistent innovation, we create benefits to the world and provide solutions to the major global challenges. Upon request, Corisen can also offer tailor-made products.


科丽信专业从事高性能水性聚氨酯、水性涂料添加剂的研发、生产、销售,服务于油墨、涂料、粘合剂、皮 革 纺织及医疗领域。公司技术力量雄厚,技术团队由留学归国人员和高校教授领头,在聚氨酯、水性固化剂、塑料化学品等领域具有多年的研发、生 产及 应用经验。